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KemituraSil? – Fumed Silica
Treated, hydrophobic
Types: AM-1-120?? AM-1-175

KemituraSil? hydrophobic fumed Silica is treated with silanes or siloxanes

? Vinyl ester resin-based composites
? Epoxy resin-based composites
? PU resin based liquids
? Paints & Coatings
? Adhesives
? Silicone rubber and sealants
? Cable compounds
? Printing inks

Tixening and Tixotropy, anti-settling, anti-sag, moisture barrier, reiforcing,water resistance,free flow,anti cakings, hydrofobicity.

Along with the traditional application areas (e.g. polyester, silicone, paints and coatings), hydrophobic KemituraSil??products are used with increasing success in high technology fields.

KemituraSil? – Fumed Silica
Treated, hydrophobic
Types: AM-2-120

KemituraSil? AM-2-120 is a medium surface area fumed silica which has been surface treated with polydimethylsiloxane. This surface treatment results in a highly hydrophobic silica with very different performance than untreated silica.

? Thickening? efficiency
? Stable rheological performance over time
? Sag resistance
? Anti-settling of pigments and fillers
? Shear-thinning rheological behaviour

KemituraSil? AM-2-120 is used for rheology control in a wide variety of adhesives, composite and coatings applications:

Epoxy Adhesives and Coatings:

In epoxy adhesives and coatings, KemituraSil? AM-2-120 provides good thickening efficiency, sag resistance (or film build) and anti-settling of pigments and fillers. For applications requiring storage stability of KemituraSil? AM-2-120 is recommended.

Polyurethane Adhesives and Coatings:

In polyurethane adhesives and coatings, KemituraSil? AM-2-120 provides the same efficient, stable rheology control as in epoxy systems. In addition, the hydrophobic surface of KemituraSil? AM-2-120 introduces very  little moisture into these systems preventing premature cross-linking of moisture cured systems.

Vinyl Ester Laminating Resins and Gel Coats:

While untreated silica are effective thickeners of unsaturated polyester resins, KemituraSil? AM-2-120 is a more efficient, stable rheology control additive for higher polarity systems like vinyl ester  laminating resins and gel coats.

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